A Life Experience Home for Young Men


          A few weeks ago we had the blessing of opening a half-way house for young men who are recent graduates of the ministry.  This home will help integrate these young men into the community.  It will be staffed by former graduates of the ministry who will help develop these young men’s character and teach them basic life skills (how to take care of themselves, feed themselves, pay their bills, etc.).  The goal is to help them become well-developed, mature Christians who are productive citizens of their community.  Please pray for God’s continued blessing on this ministry and on these young men.  This home is new and is in need of household items.  Please prayerfully consider giving to help provide for these young men by clicking here –   Donate Now

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Kasham came to City Ministries when she was 10 months old. Her mother died from HIV Aids a few weeks after she was born and no one knows who her father is. She lived with a missionary family from birth to 10 months to determine if she was HIV positive. Once it was determined that she was not infected her grandmother, who was now her guardian, would not agree to adoption, rather she wanted her to be put in an orphanage so that she could visit her on a regular basis. The Grandmother was not coping with the many grandchildren she already had and was not able to properly care for Kasham. The Grandmother came to Gyero and was happy with what she saw, especially when she found out that mama Sati, a friend of hers, would be caring for Kasham. She is now being fostered by baba and mamma Sati at the Gyero CARE Center.

She is now 3 and has started nursery school and is thriving in our ministry. Praise God for rescuing her and pray that she will grow to be a woman of God.

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Gloria came to City MiImagenistries in December 2011 at age 16. She had been badly treated in her community because she was suspected to be involved in the occult. When she came she would not communicate with the staff of City Ministries; she just sat and stared. She was taken to the Gyero CARE Center and put under the care of Aunty Altine. Gradually she responded to the love and care shown to her by Altine and the other Gyero staff members. She had never been to school and we thought that she could not learn, but thanks to God and the caring staff she can now say her alphabet and is starting to read. She is now at the Girls Transition house. When she first came she was still shy and did not join in with the other girls. But now she is a totally changed person, transformed by love and prayer. She is now friendly with the other girls and joins in with their activities. She comes running to greet people and is working hard to take care of herself. She still has trouble communicating due to her troubled past, but has greatly improved. We praise God for rescuing her and for great the improvements in her life.

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We want to share with you some of the stories of how God is working in the lives of the children that God brings to City Ministries. This is the story of a girl named Peace.

Peace came to City Ministries earlier this year from a village about 200 miles south of Jos. When she first came she told many lies about her past and how she came to Jos, but after spending several weeks at the Gyero CARE Center the truth of her story came out.

Her parents divorced each other when she was around 10 years old. Her mother then married another man who did not want Peace, and her father, the local witch doctor, died a short time later. Peace was then effectively and orphan and was sent to live with her uncle.

While her uncle apparently treated her well, Peace was rebellious and would often run away to stay at her friend’s house. She lived with her friend for about one year and then she was told to go find a job in Jos. They gave her some money for transportation and sent her away.

At age 12 Peace was sent to Jos, a city of nearly one million people, where she knew no one, to find a job and make a life for herself. She was effectively abandoned. By the grace of God Peace found her way to Miango, a village just outside of Jos. While in Miango, she was found by a woman who had compassion on her and gave her food and clothes, and later took her to her pastor, who then brought Peace to City Ministries in Jos.

Staff members of City Ministries sympathized and prayed with her. Several staff members then traveled with Peace to her village to speak with her relatives to see if they could take Peace back and care for her. After discussing the situation her relatives said that they were unable to help her, because they are  economically poor and have their own families to take care of, they then agreed that City Ministries should take her in and care for her.

Peace is now at the City Ministries Gyero CARE Center. When she first came to Gyero she would try to run away and often get in fights with the other children, but after much prayer, loving care and trauma healing she is now a changed person. The love of God has rescued her from hopelessness and she has been given knew hope. She is right now undergoing discipleship training and counseling to heal her trauma.  This is what she said “I am now free and happy where I am, and enjoying a family and a happy home with friends. I am now a Christian and a changed person. I love the people here and they love me too.”

Peace is now cheerful and has peace and a hope for the future.

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Texas Team Returns to visit :)

The last two weeks we have had a visit here in Jos from our old friends THE CRAZY TEXAS TEAM . Seven of them came and really blessed us with their enthusiasm and unique style, very loud and noisy and full of life 🙂 yawllllllllllAs many of our children do not know when they were born, (as records are often not kept and they have left their homes for various reasons and dont have records with them) . Few know their age and so every year it is important to mark the fact that they have become a year older. The Texas team are great at organising parties in our centres, bringing gifts, cakes, minerals and providing meat 🙂 to celebrate along with plenty of music and dancing. The children love to perform their “special numbers” singing and dance routines to their guests .
Each child in our ministry is special to God, he knew them before they were born and He has a plan for their lives and He never leaves them, He shows how much he cares about them in ways like this, by sending people from across the world to share His love with them.
Thank you to all involved for caring enough to come and bless us in this way we really appreciate you.

Happy Birthday Kids

Team trying to encourage kids to dance

Team trying to encourage kids to dance


Girls doing their special number

Father and Son 🙂 the kids love them ..

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Welcome to the City Ministries Blog. Coming soon will be exciting stories of what God is doing in Nigeria. You can sign up to received updates by email and like our facebook page to stay up to date on what is happening.

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